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22 تیر 776

Institute's activities since 2016:                                                                                                                                                           


  • Equipping workshops and training business skills for drug addicts recuperate in Tolou Institute.
  • Holding job skills training courses for 130 female .
  • Advice with various educational centers to improve the level of knowledge and skills of the target group
  • Due to activities of the education Dept. have changed from skill training to cognitive-empowerment The Institute's curriculum gradually decreased in the year 2017 and was completed.




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  • ایران ، تهران ، میرداماد، میدان مادر، خیابان سنجابی، کوچه هشتم، پلاک 2 ، زنگ 6 
  • 021-22268545
  • 021-22268545
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