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Ayandehbartar has started its upcoming business since the year 1395 with the permission of the Tehran Governorate (Shiq. 43168) and the Welfare Organization of Tehran Province (SH 38896) with the aim of empowering women.
Research and field studies of population researchers indicate that "education" is the only infrastructure tool for sustainable community empowerment. Therefore, our mission is to promote the attitude and quality of life of women using this tool and we aim to help women by providing different socio-economic education in order to achieve the development of individual abilities to their true status in the family and society. .


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  • Address: Units 2 - No. 2 - 8 Alley - Sanjabi (Behrooz) st. - Madar sq. - Mirdamad st. - Tehran - Iran
  • 021-22268545
  • 021-22268545
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